Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Planning an Extraordinary Baby Shower

Having a baby is one of the most exciting life expectancies ever.  Every mother to be wants to celebrate with friends and family with a baby shower.  Planning an extraordinary baby shower is like planning your child’s sweet 16 or your wedding reception. One thing to consider is that you want your guests to leave with “wow that was a great baby shower” or “her baby shower was so unique”.  In other words you want your guests to remember your baby shower for a life time; to be the talk of the town.   You want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves.  Allow at least 6-8 weeks planning period, I know this may seem long but time creeps up on us fast.  Here are a few tips:

1.       Setting the date and time
Setting the date is simple.  Decide when you want to have your baby shower and between what times.   2 - 2 1/2 hours is usually the average slot time for a baby shower.  Most women plan their baby showers within 45-30 day of their due dates.

2.       Finding the perfect venue
To have an extraordinary baby shower your must find the perfect venue, a place which would accommodate the amount of guest you are planning to attend.  The venue should be supply the tables and linens, not the least and have plenty of parking, valet would be nice.

3.       Registries
It is more convenience for your guests if the mom to be register at 1 or 2 gift registries.

4.       Selecting and sending our invitations
Create a guest list of family and friends. You sure have a huge selection of invitations to choose from.  You’d want to choose stylish and elegant invitations to send to your guest, be sure to include date, time, venue, gift registry location, directions to location, a return RSVP card, so you can have an estimate count on how many people will attend.  Send out your invitation at least 3-4 weeks before your baby shower this would give your guests enough time “Save the Date”.

5.       Select the perfect color coordination
Choosing the perfect color coordination may seem easy, but as women we know we can’t seem to settle the first time, so we are always changing our minds.  Light green, baby blue, baby pink and yellow are the are the normal colors for a baby shower, but for your shower to be extra ordinary you need to choose unique colors such as yellow and brown or baby pink and red or even baby blue and purple. 

6.       Finding decoration ideas
Once you have decided on your colors, now you need to decide how you are going to decorate your venue.  First let’s start off with the table toppers.  Balloons or fresh flowers are a great idea for extraordinary baby shower table tops.  You may also want to consider having baby theme place card holders.  Placing helium balloon with weights at the doors to welcome your guests is also a great idea.  Twisted streamers are also a great decorating idea with hanging balloons.  And don’t forget your wicker chair! 

7.       Choose the games to play
Every baby shower must have baby shower games for entertainment and so your guests can win prizes.  There are many baby shower game to choose from on the internet.  Decide which games you want to play with your guests and don’t forget the games should last at least an hour and save time for gift opening.  At an extraordinary baby shower, you don’t want to give your baby prizes, consider giving out bath and body gifts or gift certificates.

8.       Thanking your guests
Extraordinary baby showers require unique and stylish baby shower favors to give to your guests who attended.  Flavor Your Favors has an awesome collection of discount stylish and unique baby shower favors you can personalize with the baby’s name or mom to be name and date.  You can also choose from a huge selection of design baby shower favors such as rocking horse key chains, baby bootie candles, baby picture frame and stylish mint tins.  Baby shower favors are very inexpensive and you’d want to give your guest at least 3 different baby shower favors supplied to them in a gift bag or favor box.  Favors should be given to guests at the end of your baby shower as you thank your guests for coming.

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Planning your baby shower can be fun and exciting.  For more idea on wedding and party events subscribe to our blog at thankyourguestinstyle.blogspot.com or visit Flavor Your Favors .